Discussing the new menu with The Blue Stoops head chef

Updated: May 2, 2019

As The Blue Stoops prepares to launch its new spring menu, head chef, Darren Roberts gives his thoughts on the new dishes and explains the inspiration behind designing the menu, sourcing ingredients and working with local suppliers.

Located in the heart of Dronfield, The Blue Stoops is a local venue that specialises in providing quality, wholesome food that suits everyone’s taste. This is what Darren said when asked about the process of designing the new menu:

“When setting out to build the new line up of dishes, we started with a base menu that included all of the classic recipes that everyone loves. We then looked at ways of mixing it up by swapping out different ingredients and altering the process to create something new and unique.”

Coming up with original and unique recipes can be challenging, which is why head chef, Darren makes sure to source the right ingredients.

“It’s very important that we do our research and try out all kinds of different ingredients before settling on the perfect ones. Not only do we need to create the perfect balance of flavours, but we also need to make sure that all our ingredients match with the dietary needs of our customers.”

As a local venue based in Derbyshire, The Blue Stoops is situated close to a number of suppliers that produce a range of quality ingredients. When asked about the process of sourcing ingredients, Darren said:

“First and foremost, we always look for the best quality ingredients we can find. That means looking for suppliers that can consistently provide us with top-quality products. We also like to keep things close to home whenever possible and luckily, we have links with a number of great local suppliers such as Bradwells Ice Cream, William Howe and Moss Valley.”

With a reputation for serving up authentic, wholesome food, head chef Darren has put together a diverse collection of classic dishes for The Blue Stoops spring menu that still cater for a wide selection of dietary needs.

“We want to make sure that everyone can come to The Stoops and enjoy a meal with friends and family which is why so much effort was put into ensuring we offer a selection of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. We’ve created recipes that match everyone’s needs without compromising on taste or quality.”

The new spring menu at The Blue Stoops will officially launch on April 25th and advanced bookings can be made directly online or by contacting the venue via phone or email. More updates, content and special offers will be announced on the Blue Stoops Facebook page during the lead up to the launch.

Here’s how customers can book:

Online - http://bit.ly/StoopsBooking

Call – 01246 411 077

Email – bookings@bluestoops.co.uk


01246 411 077