Something gin-credible is coming to The Blue Stoops!

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Gin lovers are in for a treat as The Blue Stoops prepares for an evening of gin-soaked fun. For the first time ever, we will be hosting a True North Curator’s Club event and we can’t wait. Our first event on April 11th will focus on the best of Scottish Gin.

The Highlands aren’t often known for their gin-making but in recent years, Scottish distilleries have produced some of the finest gins in the world. At our exclusive event, our expert rep will teach you all about the authentic techniques and ingredients used to produce a quality gin.

It’s only fair that you get to taste some of the gins you’re learning about so of course, you’ll get to sample them with three complimentary gin and tonics. This is a perfect chance for gin lovers to treat their taste buds, expand their palate and get a little bit merry along the way.

The Curator’s Club experience is perfect for an evening out with friends as it gives you the chance to do something different while still enjoying a drink. For only £15 per person, it also makes a great birthday gift or celebratory event if you’re looking to treat someone.

Whether you consider yourself a gin connoisseur or you just love a good G&T with friends, everyone’s welcome and we can’t wait. Get in touch and book your space today!

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